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YHM WORKOUT: Tuesday 10th April. It was AMAZING! 23 people who took a stand to end Youth Homelessness!

I want to bring together the whole fitness community of Brisbane, to make a stand for the young people who need us. As a community we will battle through a few burpees to create an opportunity for young people to live a life where their challenges are understood, they are offered safety from their hardship, and they are empowered to live an inspiring life. Through BurpeesforBYS 2018, we will stand together and raise $15,000 for Brisbane Youth Service, so they can provide this kind of future for our youth experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

On the 18th of April I will do burpees for 8 hours to beat my old BurpeesforBYS record of 3000. My goal is to end youth homelessness through burpees and fundraising. But I cannot do this alone. This challenge requires our fitness family to step up, do a few burpees, and start an everyday hero page of their own, supporting Brisbane Youth Service. By doing this you can be part of the unit that stands for ending youth homelessness, and together we can burpee and fundraise our way to that goal!

I have created this page so that my DavetheTrainer client base/ my fitness family, can work towards fundraising $3000 of the $15000 total. I hope to inspire other fitness leaders to do the same.

If you aren't up for doing burpees, you can still donate at this page. Every dollar you donate here, will give opportunity to a young person who will be forever grateful for your support.

Thank you!

Thank You

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Burpees for BYS 2018

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